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Monday, October 22, 2012

7 Fantastic Locations You Might Not Notice * Make A List Monday

Every Monday, I will post a list that in some way relates to photography.  Upcoming subjects include Apparel Mistakes, What Doesn't Matter (In a Photo Shoot), Pictures You Shouldn't Miss, Unexpected Locations and many others.  I have learned so much from my clients since we began this business, and I am eager to share it with you all.

Today we are going to talk about locations you might not otherwise notice.  One of the more challenging- and important- aspects of being a photographer is choosing locations and figuring out how to work with them.  Some photographers eventually develop an eye for such things, and they can immediately see the potential.  However, you as a client might want to get involved in the process as well.  

Of course, there are the old standbys- parks and brick walls.  There is nothing wrong with those, but I LOVE originality.  Little in photography frustrates me more than when a client says they want to be original, then gives me a laundry list of shots or locations they want that their friend did.  This is YOUR session, so we want it to be unique to you!

With all that in mind, here are some ideas you may not have thought of:

1.  Zoos and aquariums-  they give a very relaxed, laid-back feel ideal for working with kids or couples.  Great distractions for fussy little ones.

2.  Coffee shops- sometimes, you just need an indoor location.  Even if you aren't a lover of coffee (and especially if you are!) the quirky, cozy nature of a coffee shop can be a good fit for a couple or small group).  Check out this post for some sweet coffee shop shots!

3.  Carnivals and fairs- lots of action and fun!  Make sure you have a photographer who knows how to shoot action, but this can be a very cool idea.  Look forward to a few carnival shots on this blog coming soon!

4.  Private land of people you know.  You've probably got friends, right?  Talk to them about using their land!  It doesn't have to look perfect, but it will definitely be unique.  Also, most people are honored that you appreciate their property enough to want your photos there!

5.  Places that are important to you.  Maybe your workplace has great lighting or is really cool.  Maybe you spend a lot of time at your church, the library, or a certain restaurant.  Why not?  Make it say you.

6.  Your house!  I know you might think it's nothing special, but it's YOU!  Let me come in, we might move some stuff around, and you will have beautiful shots in "your" space.  This is especially great if you have little ones, or if you want a winter session.  

7.  Let the photographer decide.  Sometimes, something that might not jump out at you sticks out to me.  I've  shot at hotel lobbies, pools, barns, alleys, and random side of the road locations most people would never choose.  But you know what?  It turned out amazing!  Of course, if something isn't your style, say so.  But, if you are willing to take a risk, you might just get a pleasant surprise!

Thanks for checking in on this week's edition of Make a List Monday.  We have some great photo sessions coming up the rest of the week, so I hope you will visit us again!


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