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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Josh & Naomi, Part 1 * Albert Lea Wedding Photographer

Josh and Naomi are two of the most special, kind, and loving people I have ever met.  I hesitated to use the word nice, because I think it is sometimes used as a catch-all superlative, but if it applies to anyone, it's them.  They are deeply thoughtful and unfailingly polite.  I honestly think that being around them challenges people to be kinder and more thoughtful individuals, which is incredible to me.

On the day of their wedding, I was backing up their files when I noticed something profoundly different in them from other couples.  I ALWAYS back up bride and groom pictures first, as those are typically the ones that mean the most to the bride and groom.  I knew those were important to Josh and Naomi, but I actually backed up the bridal party pictures first.  These two are so intrinsically relational, that it was as if their friendships were an extension of themselves.  It was inspiring.

Their day was beautiful and full of surprises.  It rained, one of those unusual days for this summer, and we had wonderful lighting.  They went with the flow, changed their photo location, and were so flexible and enthusiastic it was as if we had planned it this way.  Josh showed his extravagant love for his new wife by blessing her with a new car as his wedding gift to her!  Her jaw dropped as the sea of well-wishers blowing bubbles after the ceremony parted to reveal Naomi's surprise.  It was such a precious moment to witness.

Not only are Josh and Naomi kind and thoughtful, but they are also extremely photogenic and in love.  Even with the rain and the location change, they are an absolute pleasure to photograph.  

Josh and Naomi, getting to know you has been an absolute gift to us.  Your beautiful spirits, strong faith, and commitment to God and each other are so precious.  We are excited for your future, and so blessed that you chose us to capture your special day.  Thank you so much, and keep in touch!

Please remember to leave a comment for Josh and Naomi; if they get comments from 50 different people in 24 hours, they will receive a free 16x20 print.  Which shot would you choose?


More to come tomorrow!


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