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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mike & Laurie, Part 1 * St. Paul Wedding Photographer

I was waiting for this precious day for what seemed like forever.  I adore these two, and I was so excited for them to finally be married!  

The day was nothing short of spectacular.  The bride was radiant, the groom adoring, the bridal party gorgeous.  They were vibrant, flexible, fun-loving, and thrilled to be there- what more could we ask for? 
The day was filled to overflowing, from the liturgy of mass, old/new/borrowed/blue, and the bride and groom not kissing until the ceremony, to family traditions and toasts at the reception.

When he first saw her, our hearts stilled for a moment... to fully watch him loving her, and deeply ready to commit for the rest of their lives.  Sheer beauty in the emotion.

And emotion there was.  In fact, Mike was handing out tissues to the bride and all the the MIDDLE of the ceremony!  He is that kind of guy : )  And Laurie?  Well, she's the kind of girl who laughed and cried in the same breath, overflowing with the joy of the day and thrilled to marry her man.

It was worth the wait for this wedding day : )

Mike and Laurie, thank you so much for choosing us to capture your memories.  It was an honor and a privilege.  We love you both!!!

Please don't forget to leave a comment.  They need comments from 50 people in 24 hours 
to win a free 16 x 20 print!!!  Which shot would you choose?

Oh, and don't forget there is more to come tomorrow!

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