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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kevin & Ashley Are Married!, Part 1 * Marshall, MN Wedding Photographer

I have always been blessed with fantastic clients, and I don't take that for granted.
Sometimes, though, you meet people that you just...connect with, you know?
Kevin and Ashley are like that.
They speak my language, and I have this sneaking suspicion that, if we hadn't met through this business, God would have connected us some other way.
(He's just cool like that).

They are two seriously special people, who have been through so much together.  I am inspired by their commitment to family and to God and to each other.

Their wedding day is hard for me to describe in words...but I'll try:

*So Special

There was so much to love, so many memories made, and most importantly a sweet celebration of a precious relationship.

Some of my favorite things about the day (in no particular order):

1.  Friends and family who were THRILLED Kevin and Ashley were getting married.
2.  A windy, muddy, sunny day that turned out beautiful pictures anyway.
3.  A positively RADIANT bride and her adoring groom.
4.  Beautiful and emotional toasts during the reception.
5.  A fantastic dance party- I don't think I've ever seen more people on the dance floor!
6.  Super-fun flower girls and ring bearers : )
7.  Perfectly thought out details and decorations.
8.  Tons of smiles and joy all around.
9.  A stretch limo ride as a surprise gift from the groom to the bride.
10.  LOTS of kissing to make it official : )

On to the pictures!  Please remember to leave a comment below- if Kevin and Ashley get comments from 50 people in 24 hours, they get a FREE 16 x 20 print!  Which shot would you choose?  And remember to check back tomorrow for the second half of their photos.


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures, loved them all!!! Bring's back the wonderful day and all the fun we had! You made a beauitful bride and Kevin was a handsome groom. Love mom and dad

Dee said...

I love these pictures. Your photographer caught your love in pictures that will last forever! Happiness always!

Anonymous said...

love these pictures. and you two

Anonymous said...

Lovely. Sucha great wonderful day, pictures are prefect.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are so awesome! You can tell how much you two love each other :).

Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwwwww these pictures turned out so good!!!! it was such a wonderful day!!


Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! These pictures are terrific. I am so happy for the both of you. The day was perfect. The day was so much fun but it went too fast. Ashley, I am proud to have you as part of our family...finally!!!!


Jenna Obler said...

these pictures are so beautiful and bring back great memories of an amazing day! congrats again to my best friends Ashley and Kevin :)

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