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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jo & Christine Part 1 * Fargo Moorhead Wedding Photographer

This wedding was so fantastic, I am not even sure where to start.  My favorite things:

*An absolutely radiant bride.
*A beautiful church sanctuary.
*A beautiful and adventurous bridal party, ready to brave cold temps and messy snow.
*Excited and caring family.
*Gorgeous hand-made bouquets.
*A rocking dance floor.
*Unique photo locations- and a bus to get to them!
*A bride and groom holding hands.
*First kiss as husband and wife.
*Dreams coming true.

Now it's time for you to see.  Please don't forget to leave a comment below.  If Jo & Christine get comments from 50 different people in 24 hours, they get a free 16x20 print!  Let them know what you think!

Please check back tomorrow, for more photos to come!


cady. said...

These are so pretty! AH! Love love love them!

Unknown said...

These are beautiful. Sorry I couldn't be there!

Brady Elverud said...

These pictures are amazing!!! Congrats again!!! Love you guys!!

Cassi said...

Your wedding was wonderful! You all looked so great!xoxo

Ashley Meehan said...

Love Love Love them all, was such an amazing day! So glad I was there to witness it!! =]

jessicaa hasse said...


Jennifer Hostetter said...

What a great looking couple and beautiful pictures!

Jana Davis said...


Sarah Durbin said...

WOW! You guys looked great!!!! Loved the pictures! She did a great job :)

Blaine said...

I love them all, but I REALLLYYY love the wine glass that weird? You guys looked beautiful and thank you for having me part of your day!

Anonymous said...

very very nice!!!! can not wait to see more

Anonymous said...

These picture are AMAZING!!! I love love love them! You two look sooo happy! I can not wait until the day I get married...I hope it will be as beautiful as yours!!
Congrats Christine and Jo Johnson!! :)

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to see more pics!! Love your wedding guys!!! AHHHHH!!!! :D

Stephanie said...

I like the one with christine and jo staring at you with christines boutique that one is my all time my favorite

Christine said...


Jo said...

good work i like them

Ashley Fronning said...

Beautiful Couple! Beautiful Wedding! Beautiful Pictures!

Amanda Mickelson said...

Beautiful pictures...I love them all!!! <3 Can't wait to see more!

Nicole Hasse said...

Very nice pictures!

Kelsey Lund said...

Gorgeous! Your colors were amazing! I LOVE your headband and dress!

Will said...

Stuff looks great. Finally got a change to look at them! I laughed because i saw where i slipped during the pics....Good Times!

Kirsten said...

These are really great!!!! I'm sooo happy for you guys!!! :-)

Rob (Dad) said...

Looks great! can't wait to see more!

Deb (mom) said...

T, you and Joey look amazing! made me cry all over again!

Sandi said...

Love the pics what a great looking couple!

Cheryl said...

Great pics

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