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Monday, November 14, 2011

Josh & Naomi * Albert Lea Engagement Photographer

Josh and Naomi were a dream to work with.
We had a hot, muggy afternoon, and they didn't complain even once.  They were fun, energetic, and not shy about being affectionate with one another.  They even had a small audience of random kids happen by who looked at them as if they were celebrities.
After hanging out for the shoot, I am even more excited for their June wedding- it's bound to be thoughtful, sincere, and honoring of the One who planned their love.  

Please take a moment to comment at the end of this post.  If Josh and Naomi receive comments from 50 or more people in 24 hours, they get a free 11x14 print!  Help them decide which one to pick : )

Seriously, how beautiful are these two?!


Anonymous said...

Wow. Besides capturing the happiness of this couple, yYou certainly captured the essence of Summer in Minnesota. I enjoyed them all - but my favorites were the 2 laughing and jumping in the air, as well as the ring on the Bible. Cute couple!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the photos!!! You two are absolutely adorable and I can't wait to go to your wedding next summer. My favorite photo is hands down the second one, but the choice is all your.

Roll Tide

Samantha Neste said...

Love these! They are such a great couple :) & crazy in love. 3rd one is my favorite, & the one with the bible with the ring. <3

Joseph Gonzalez said...

good work Josh!! Congrats...i like the ring in the bible one by the way. I also like the community outreach you guys are doing towards mentoring little kids ;) haha...see you soon

Anonymous said...

They ALL are great! I don't know how you are going to pick!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures Naomi!! You two are so cute together!! My favorite - ring in the bible and the jumping one :) Hope planning is going great! Miss you! Kayla

Andrea said...

LOVE LOVE the one with the ring in the bible and number 12 and 13 photo. Naomi and josh are so in love and I can't wait to be apart of you're guys special day :)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous ! LOVE the close ups !!!

Anonymous said...

These pictures amazing of the two of you! Much love

Anonymous said...

You guys are the best! Great pictures. I love the one of you two in the auditorium, with Josh holding Naomi

Brittany said...

Congrats to the both of you! Your pictures are AMAZING! Best of wishes to you on your life together! ~Brittany

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