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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jake And Erica Are Married! * Northern MN Wedding Photographer

I have decided to start a new tradition for blog posts about weddings.  From now on, I will choose a word to describe each wedding that we shoot, a word which characterized each couple's special day.  The word I chose to describe Erica and Jake's wedding is


This wedding was a perfect fit for this wonderful couple, down to the last detail.  Some of my favorite things that led me to choose this word are:
  • A fantastic outdoor location with extremely simple decor
  • The rice crispy treat cake that the bride made herself
  • The tractor-pulled trolley that carted guests from the ceremony to the reception
  • Super creative dessert delivery
  • Lots of laughing and smiling
  • A simple and beautiful sermon
  • The bride's cowgirl boots
  • Red checked table cloths
  • A reception in front of a log cabin
It was an all-around picturesque day and beautiful start to happily ever after.  Please leave a comment below- if the bride and groom get 50 comments in 24 hours, they will get a free print... tell them which one you would choose!
 Check back tomorrow for tons more shots from this beautiful celebration!


Beth said...

Amazing Photographs for an amazing couple :)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Beautiful. - Molly

Anonymous said...

Love the black and white with Jake and Erica both smiling under the tree.

justDani said...

Wonderful job Nicole! And you said was FITTING for them...Erica had a vision and it was pulled off marvelously! One of the best weddings I have ever been to and gotten to be a part of. Thank you for such wonderful pictures!

Anonymous said...

Pictures turned out great! I would take the one of Jake and Erica and that adorable little girl... hehehe


Cassi Benson said...

You look beautiful Erica! Congratulations! :)

Anonymous said...

I Love all of them!!!!! Thank you so much Nicole!!!

Jake & Erica

Anonymous said...

Pictures look great! The day was beautiful, couldnt have asked for a more perfect backdrop for such a wonderful celebration!

Anonymous said...

I am so upset I couldn't make it to the wedding. looking at the pics is kinda like putting salt on a wound. They r great!!! I like the first kissing under the tree one! But they are all great!
Terri C

Anonymous said...

I love them all!!! My favorite is Jake kissing Erica's forehead:) Too cute! Wonderful pics!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures Nicole. It was a perfect day. Congrats again Erica and Jake.


Anonymous said...

a beautiful wedding for two beautiful people. may their love grow and grow.
love and hugs. gma

Carole Runningen said...

Very Beautiful pictures, wish we could have been there. They look so happy and so in love.

Anonymous said...

I love them all great day great job on pictures. Pat

Anonymous said...

Love them all!!! It would be a hard time choosing!! Great Job with the pictures Nicole. Its amazing what true love looks like!


Anonymous said...

I love all the photos of my Uncle Jake and Aunt Erica. It was a wonderful day! I know Daddy said to pick the one with me, but I like the 11th one from the bottom(Mommy helped me count!)


Anonymous said...

The pictures are beautiful! What a great day!

Love Jessica

Anonymous said...

You both look so happy! Love the pictures:)
Sarah Marts

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a beautiful day for such a celebration.
Great pics like the one with couple and the little girl

Anonymous said...

Great pictures -Christian

Katie said...

I'd have to choose the rice crispy cake for the free pic since I can't decide between all the great pics of the couple...It was a beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

I'd go any of the happy couple under the tree. Either 2086 or 1972. Probably a black and white! Or the one next to the cake, with the couple holding the cute little girl.
Dani P

Anonymous said...

Great job of capturing this special couple!Love all of them!

Michelle said...

They all look wonderful!! You really captured their day!

Anonymous said...

The pics captured the day and the theme. I like the one where they're under the "Bar". And the one with Hazel's folded hands is pricesless.

Leah said...

It was such a beautiful day for a Beautiful Couple!!

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