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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jake & Brenda * Wisconsin Engagement Photographer

Josh and I were so blessed recently to finally meet Brenda and Jake!  We had been talking with them for months about their wedding, but we didn't meet face-to-face until a couple of weeks ago.  The weather had been terrible, and it sprinkled throughout the session, but they were complete troopers!  They were super cool and casual, and all-around in love.  

As per usual, if Jake and Brenda get 25 or more comments in 25 hours, they get a FREE 11x14 print!  So, help them out and tell them which shot YOU would choose. 

Jake and Brenda: Thank you so much for choosing us to photograph your wedding!  I can't wait until August!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Jake & Brenda Sneak Peek * Western Wisconsin Engagement Photographer

Here's a little preview of Jake and Brenda's recent engagement session.  Aren't they adorable???  More to come Thursday, so check back then!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What To Wear Wednesday: Old Navy for Families, Take 2

This week we are featuring some more looks from Old Navy.  As you can see, I included more outfits than usual, mostly because I LOVE the colors and prints available this season.  I am totally an aqua and green kind of girl.  On to fashion:

For Mom (left) and Dad (right):

For Girls (right) and Boys (left):

For little girls (left) and little boys (right):

Photo-wear tip of the week: it is perfectly acceptable to mix prints when coordinating outfits especially amongst a group.  In fact, five different striped shirts has the tendency to bring prison to mind, so I say stick with variety!  That being said, make sure your prints are all based on the same one or two colors to keep it from becoming overwhelming, and try to keep an average of about one print per person, with the remaining pieces being solids.  When in doubt, take a picture of yourself!  If it looks funny on your camera, it probably will on mine.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nate & Jen Engagement * Wisconsin Engagement Photographer

Blogger is having some major difficulties lately, which means we haven't been able to post this.  However, we will give in another try.  Remember, the 25 hour period starts when the blog posts.


It's been a long, cold winter spring.  At one point, we had to reschedule Jen and Nate's shoot because the weather just wouldn't cooperate.  Since their wedding is next month already (!), we ultimately packed rain gear, made a plan B, and went for it anyway.  Imagine our surprise when the weather cleared!  We finally caught a break with a sunny afternoon, and the pictures turned out gorgeous!!! 

Please take a moment to leave a comment for them.  If they get 25 comments in 25 hours, they'll receive a FREE 11x14 print.  Which shot would you choose?

Jen & Nate, thank you for spending a beautiful afternoon with me- I am so excited to photograph your special day!

Sneak Peek: Nate & Jen Engagement * Wisconsin Engagement Photographer

The sun finally showed it's face last week, and we were ready with camera in hand.  Check out this sneak peek of our engagement session with Jen and Nate.  Check back Friday for the entire post!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

Spring has had a sluggish start in the Midwest this year, but it seems to finally be here.  The weather says no, but the flowers say yes!  Enjoy a peek of Spring.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Discounts

Free 8x10 print when you book a family session in the month of May!


Free custom open house invitation design when you book a class of 2012 senior session this month!


For more discounts, visit

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