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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What To Wear Wednesday: Girlfriends Edition

Almost everyone has some sort of photographer at their wedding.  We get photos taken of our children and families.  We expect wallet-sized pics from seniors.  But what about those people and moments that don't traditionally end up in our photo albums?  We might not notice we're missing photos of those memories until it's too late. 

Enter the Girlfriends session!

If you are blessed enough to be a woman with an increidible group of girlfriends, I highly recommend you take the time to get some pictures done as a group.  This is a super-fun, low-stress activity that has incredible and memorable results!!!  You can get a babysitter, have fun picking out your coordinating outfits, pick a fun location or two, smile for a few minutes, and- voila!- you've got memories to last a lifetime and to remind you of the sweet relationships you treasure.

I am so excited about this that I am going to offer a FREE girlfriends photo shoot to one lucky winner.  We will do a drawing on Saturday (4/9/11) to see who gets a free session for a group of at least 3 and up to 10 girlfriends!!!  There are lots of ways to rack up entries- the more you complete, the better your chances of winning!

Ways to Enter:
  1. Comment on this post and tell me who you would have be in your shoot.
  2. If you haven't already, like our Facebook fan page, then leave me a note on the wall letting me know you liked it.
  3. Become a follower of our website- scroll all the way to the bottom of this page, and click the button that says "follow."
  4. Get your friends to follow this website.  For every friend you tell me (via email) you got to follow this blog, you get an entry, and so do they!  Everybody wins!
Since this is What To Wear Wednesday, we should get back to the clothing.  This week's selections come to us from Shopko, so they are all very affordable.  Without even trying, I was able to easily pull together 8 coordinating outfits that would be suitable for lots of sizes and colors.  Give it a try, and it might even be fun!

Photo-wear tip of the week:  When getting your picture taken with a group of people that don't all look alike (such as with friends), keep your clothing simple.  Let your own natural diversity be the focal point of the photos.  Never, never try to dress diverse coloring and bodytypes in the same thing, unless the color is very basic (like black or white), and the shape is very simple (like jeans and a t-shirt).  Individuality should be celebrated, not masked.


Katybug19 said...

Hey Nicole,

If i were to win your girlfriend session, I know exactly what I would do. I have two very good friends, Kara Wester and Kim Goergen - the three of us have been the "single ladies" of our group of friends for quite awhile. While most of our friends got married between 3-5 years ago - Kim, Kara, and I have band together bound and determined to have just as much fun as possible during our single years. Just a few weeks ago, Kara got engaged and we only have 4 short months left being the single ladies and I think your girlfriend session would be a great way to celebrate out friendship
Kathryn Arms

Danielle said...

I would Have My Friend Taysha, and my sisters Jessica and Brittany! Not only do we all act like sisters but we are Best Friends :) i know this a bit Different, but I Think it would still be Fun! :) Thanks!

Danielle Quinn :D

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