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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What To Wear Wednesday: Baby Gear on Etsy AND A CONTEST!!!!!

Have you been on Etsy yet?  I love this sight, and if you like crafts, handmade, and/or supporting small businesses, this is the place for you!  (Or not- because it is a vortex of colorful, beautiful, handmade goodness that can eat up an hour of your time in the blink of an eye). 

I have decided to announce a new contest for a FREE BABY SESSION!!!  "Baby" is defined as 1 year or younger at the time of this contest, so your 14-year-old "baby" doesn't count : )  I have recently purchased some super-cute accessories, and I want to use them!  To enter:
  1. Become a follower of this blog.
  2. Tell us, in 50 words or less, why you want this session.  This doesn't have to be poetic or anything.  Just be honest.  (Hint: Creativity and humor can help).  Leave it in the comments section, facebook me, or email me (oh so many options!).
  3. Submit by May 3, 2011
  4. Wait with anticipation!!!
*only valid in Minnesota and Wisconsin, or if you're willing to come here : ) *

This week I have decided to highlight some of the ADORABLE baby accessories available on Etsy.  I triple sparkle heart baby sessions (I've even got a couple coming your way!), and I love a well-dressed babe.  You would be shocked not only by the variety of affordably priced items available, but by how much one hat or headband or pair of legwarmers can jazz up your baby's photos.

Although I do keep a couple of baby-related items on hand for photo shoots, I strongly encourage parents to consider what they already have or what they might buy for a photo shoot.  I strongly dislike using the same props on multiple babies, and I cannot make sure every prop will fit or compliment every baby.  Photo-wear tip of the week:  Take control of the cuteness-factor of your baby or newborn photo session by providing some of your own props and accessories.  They don't have to be expensive, but this way you can guarantee the uniqueness of your photos. 

With that in mind, take a look at these cute options!:
This adorable little hat hails from jeabmade.

Bklynbaby created this little beauty!

I love this set from Lilycrochet:

Seriously, there are no words to describe the cuteness that is this hat from amberneecrochet.  There are tons of these animal-style hats if you just do a little looking around Etsy.

Sometimes cute and original boy stuff can be hard to find, but this onesy from WeChooseJoy is perfect for your baby boy!

These ballet baby shoes from LippyLouShoes are absolutely swoon-worthy!:

Precious sunshine-y mary janes from sunflowerexpress:

Your baby doesn't have to wear it for it to make an impact- 1000 Words loves cute toys!

Call me traditional if you must, but I love this sock monkey from heidibg:

Diaper covers, like this one from grandmagift11, are so much cuter than regular disposable diapers:

Another option is to use a cloth diaper, like this one from SwaddleinCloth:

Obviously, there are a ton of cute things available on Etsy, and this is just the beginning.  Which item listed here is your favorite?  Where do you get your favorite baby gear?


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