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Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Snowfall Engagement * Superior, WI Engagement Photographer

After putting this shoot off for a few weekends due to weather, God gave us the PERFECT day for Harmoni and Vytas to have an engagement session.  This couple was the first to book a 2011 wedding with us, and I knew right then it was going to be a terrific season.  They are sweet and fun and so in love.  I totally appreciated their genuineness- they were down to earth and friendly and just REAL...totally the kind of couple anyone would want to be friends with.

They also really understand that photography is about more than just snapping what's going on in front of your face- it's about discovering and creating memories.  It's about capturing the true essence and emotion of people and relationships.  They were even willing to drive a couple of hours out of the way to visit this amazing location I'd been wanting to shoot at.  How cool is that?  Pretty much a photographer's dream...

And, we had a beautiful, gentle snowfall on top of that.  I don't think we could have asked for more!

Don't forget that if Harmoni and Vytas get 25 comments in 25 hours on this post, they get a free 11x14 print!  So, please help them out and tell them which shot is your favorite!

This is only the first of two posts from Harmoni and Vytas' engagement shoot, so check back tomorrow morning for more shots of this beautiful couple!


Laurie said...

Ahh!! So wonderful. The bottom two shots are my fave. The first is just so sweet and sincere. And the second is one of those endearing, epic engagement shots. Congrats to you both. Great work, Nicole!

~Friend of Nicky

Joy said...

Wonderful photos!!! I love the one where Harmoni and vytas are holding hands in front of the stone building but truthfully, too hard to choose!

Ashley said...

Harmoni & Vytas -

Your engagement pictures are amazing! I don't know how anyone could pick a favorite they all capture the happiness and love you guys have for each other. Can't wait for the wedding! Great work to your photographer.

-Cousin-in-law of Harmoni
Ashley M.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving these pictures!!!!!! You two are so cute, awwwwww. After a fast glance, a couple of my favs are the last one with Harms kissin' V and the one with the two of you standing with your hands in your pockets and the rock behind you. Great photos! Love you both. xoxo
~big sis, Tanya

Anonymous said...

Although all of the pictures are wonderful I love, truly love, the color picture of the two of you against the rock wall! I am really looking forward to sharing in your wedding day! Hugs, Aunt Buffi

Jodi said...

Love the pictures. Cute couple.

Shawna Clough said...

I love the 4th one down, with Harmoni in a green sweater standing in front of Vytas. Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

great pictures!!!

Steve said...

I like the 3rd picture down and the center picture on the steps. Steve (Harmoni's dad)

Anonymous said...

Harmoni & Vytas:


I am all about black and white pictures – simply gorgeous! And the one with the rock on a pine cone is awesome. You two are such a cute couple! Fantastic pictures!

Gita Davis (big sis, Tanya’s, friend)

Melodee said...

Been waiting to see these. So...I like the 1st picture, the middle picture in the group of 3, and the picture where Harmoni is kissing Vytas at the bottom. Can't wait to see the other pictures. Love ya! Mom (Harmoni's mom)

Angela Young said...

You look absolutely amazing in all of these pictures! I love, love, love how they turned out! Congratulations to both of you! ;-)

Doreen :) said...

I like the third one down!!! i like them all but the black and white one is real nice..

Anonymous said...

I love the lighting in the 3rd picture and the way it sort of frames them in - like it's meant to be.
Maureen (Photographer's mom : )

Anonymous said...

Do I have to choose a favorite? They're all so beautiful . . . But if I have to choose a favorite, it's got to be the ones on the covered bridge while it snows and the black and white photo of Harmoni and Vytas sitting in the snow and kissing.

Congratulations to you both and God bless! <3

Anonymous said...

My favorite I think?? - is the one where there is 2 photos - I like the one on the left. -where she is sitting on the rail.- It shows her wonderful smile - as all of the photos do. -Do you have more of him smiling? -

Anonymous said...

WoW!!! Awesome pics!!! I Love so many don't know which one is my fav! Great setting for a great couple!

Anonymous said...

I really like the bridge ones, the one with Harmoni's ring on top of the pine cone, and the bottom left one of Harmoni and Vytos. Such a beautiful setting for a wonderful and happy couple. Can't wait for the wedding! Aunt Deb

Carmon said...

These were awesome photos ! I love all of them. The ring on the pinecone was so cute !!
I could not chose favorites, I would have to have them all. You make such a cute couple !
Congrats !

Anonymous said...

They are all great pictures. Love ya both. The grand pupa

Anonymous said...

We like them all, but our favorites are
for the black and white kissing on the bridge.
also the one of you sitting on the railing.
Are there enough papers where you can put one
of each. Good Luck Picking One Out!!!
Love Aunt Arline & Uncle Allan

Anonymous said...

All good pictures, but I really like the 3rd one. I know it is traditional, but it is a really good one of both of you. Uncle Phil

Anonymous said...

I am loving the first one very much!


Mitchell said...

I Like em all but the 6th from the bottom I like the most

Stef said...

Super cute pics! I think the one on the bridge from a distance is a really cool pic...but i can't really see you two love birds! I'm not sure which is my fav but they are all really adorable! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

All pics are great. But my favorite would have the Picture where Vytas and Harmoni are standing on the tree stumps. Best wishes and be happy.

Anonymous said...

Hands down standing on the tree stumps,for many reasons.My first thought when I seen it was the symbolism of the two of you starting your lives together,soon to be all on your own.Out where V looks most comfortable;in the woods.NOW HE CAN BUILD HIS BEST PIECE OF WORK YET-- A LIFE WITH YOU HARMONI!!!

Anonymous said...

I think all the pictures would look great except for the guy in the sweater that's ruining them.


John said...

Love the forest shots...

Anonymous said...

Love the black and white shot on the bridge. All the photos are great!

Anonymous said...


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