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Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Fraser Wedding: Part 1 * Gull Lake, MN Wedding Photographer

There is no way to describe Nikki and Elwyn or their wedding in a few words, so get ready for a long, beautiful story of their love. They met at the wonderful, glorious (then maybe I'm biased) St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN, and the rest is history. I knew Nikki from my time as an Ole, and what struck me most about her was her energy, passion, love for Jesus, and zest for life. The day of the wedding was the first time I met Elwyn, and I was immediately impressed by his wide smile, friendly demeanor, and impeccable manners.

The wedding took place on the shores of northern Minnesota's Gull Lake, right in front of the family cabin. Check out this stunning view from the shoreline:A shot of the beautiful bride on her special day. She is an absolute blur of energy, and this one one of the few moments I was able to catch her sitting still :)Nikki and Elwyn were adamant about not seeing each other before the wedding, so we had to be a little creative about fitting all the pictures into their day. We were able to do shots of the guys and girls ahead of time. I love this little road that the girls decided to take a walk on.Love this.So sweet.A shot of Nikki and Elwyn's rings- so unique, so different, so them.Such a cute shot of the groom and his sister.
The bride just before the ceremony: I just think she is so stunning. Nikki and Elwyn really wanted their special day to be natural. Not only was it located in natural beauty geographically, they also wanted a unscripted, spontaneous event. It was definitely unlike any other wedding we have ever been to, and fit their personalities perfectly. The ceremony literally took place on the lakeshore, with people swimming and waterskiing in the background. It was definitely natural, simple, and beautiful. Here, Nikki and her dad share a quiet moment before the short walk that will change both their lives.
Elwyn serenaded his bride as she walked down the aisle.
They were so cute as they said their original vows to each other; it was a very emotional ceremony. After being pronounced man and wife, they ecstatically skipped up the aisle and couldn't stop smiling and dancing and jumping around. Check back soon for more photos of the two of them together. Here's a sneak peak:


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