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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jim and Sara, Sitting In a Tree... · Twin Cities Wedding Photographer

After brutal storms the night before, Jim and Sara's wedding day turned out to be gorgeous- perfect for their outdoor St. Paul wedding. Sara and I have been friends since our days at St. Olaf, but I had never met Jim in person, so I was a little nervous. I was thrilled to find out that he is a terrific guy who is deeply in love with my dear friend. The best part is that it goes both ways. It was fun to watch the sweet, thoughtful way they interacted with one another; they are obviously so in love.

We all started the day at the hair salon. It had tons of mirrors, which made my job so much fun. My favorite shot there would have to be this one of Sara and her sister (and Maid of Honor Elisa) pouring over books of possible hairstyleds, while their mom looks on in the background.

After the salon, we had some extra time until everyone had to get ready, so we headed to Sara's parents' house. One of my favorite shots was of the stunning flowers in their fireplace:

But I can't decide which I like more, that one or this one. What do you think?

Aren't they exquisite?

Her dress was absolutely dazzling...

This is actually their mailbox!

The lovely Bridesmaids helping the Bride get ready for her special day.

Sara was a positively radiant Bride.

Sara sneaking up behind Jim- this was right before they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day. I think it is simply precious.

Sara and her girls.

Jim and his guys.

Check out the back of this dress- so elegant.

Completely beautiful.

Check back soon for more pictures of Jim and Sara's memorable day, as well as more of their love story. There will definitely be a LOT more shots of the two of them together- I love so many of them, it was hard to narrow it down!


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