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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Trash the Dress- Amanda, Carrie, Chelsea, & Liz

I have been wanting to do a trash the dress session for a long, long time. Unfortunately, the name sounds less than appealing to many, especially before they stop and think it through. I mean, who really wants to waste a perfectly good dress? That's a good question, but I have to wonder what will happen to the dress otherwise. Unless you live an extravagant lifestyle in which you regularly attend black-tie functions, your formal dresses are probably collecting dust. As for wedding dresses, I am not sure I can think of any occasion at which it is acceptable to re-wear your wedding gown (other than maybe vow renewal). It costs hundreds of dollars to have your dress preserved, and it will probably never be used again.

My question is, wouldn't it be way more fun to get some radical photos that last for a lifetime? I think so.

With that in mind, I asked to of my sisters and two of my very best friends to model for this shoot. My sister Carrie was only able to be with us part of the time, but she will become more familiar to those of you who visit this blog, as she is my second-shooter. We had SO MUCH FUN, and I highly recommend it to anyone who thinks they even might want to do it. Get a little crazy- you only live once!

***Editor's note: No dresses were mortally wounded during the photographing of this session.***

This is the shot I'd been wanting for so long! Yes, we actually burned a formal dress. And, since this was such a cool shot and with some of my favorite ladies, I even jumped in (picture taken by Josh- he's a total rock star).

Amanda hanging out at the farm we shot at (taken by Carrie):

We hit the beach for some twirling and giggling and splashing.

Wade in the water.

Chelsea and Liz gang up on Amanda.

Beautiful Fountain Lake:

Sandy feet=the price you pay for beachy fun!

I love this: the girls climb a chain-link fence at the skate park.

Albert Lea, MN in the background- lovely.

Taking a break at the park:



Playtime again!

We found this adorable little boy, who was a good sport and let the girls shoot on goal with his soccer ball- he was a cutie!

Liz climbed the rock wall- it takes skill to scale that in a train!

A reversion to childhood :D

Chilling on the slide.

One last burning dress shot for the road :D

I am so blessed to have such gorgeous, adventurous, and talented friends! A huge thank you to Amanda, Carrie, Chelsea, and Liz for all your hard work! I ♥♥♥ every one of you!

Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement of 1000 Word Photography by Nicole Wilke's first ever contest! Maybe you can win your very own photo session- for free!!!


Anonymous said...

As usual your pictures are amazing Nicole! These turned out so well and this shoot was so much fun to be in!

- Liz

Anonymous said...

Liz and Chels looking AMAZING! I love the close-up headshots of the both of them. These turned out really well, and were so much fun to shoot!
- Amanda

Anonymous said...

Great job. Looks like it was lots of fun.

Emily Wirkus said...

I agree! When are you going to ever wear it again? Go for it girls!

Katybug19 said...

Love the one of Liz climbing the rock wall!! Great Job, Nicole!!

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