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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Baby Kieran, Part 2

I originally met Baby Kieran's fabulous family through babysitting his older sister and brother. It was one of those things I didn't plan on; I was recommended to them by a mutual friend, decided to give it a shot, and fell in love that very day. Each one of their children is brilliant, beautiful, and thoughtful, and they are a privilege to be around.

Kieran and his siblings- I ♥ them.

Of course, with parents that look like this, their kids would have to be adorable!

Simply precious:

So peaceful.

True love.

Only a gift from God, waited and longed for, can inspire this contentment:

Kieran's present and future:

Kieran is literally smaller than his dad's arm!

This photo just reminds me of how much Kieran is learning right now- there is so much to take in and absorb. Everyday things, like light and color and sound, are significant challenges for a newborn to adapt to.

No wonder the poor kid is exhausted!

These last two, in which Kieran is smiling, are my absolute favorites! His mom's arm is holding him on top, and his dad's is on the bottom.

He is caught up in the moment, not at all worried about falling; he knows without a doubt that his parents will take care of him. What a perfect picture of child-like faith.


Kelly @ Love Well said...

Do you really think it's fair to just post these on your blog without sending me a huge neon Kleenex warning?!? I'm bawling here, and for once, I'm pretty sure post-baby hormones have nothing to do with it.

Holy cannoli, Nicole. We are so blessed to have you (and Jorge) in our lives.

Anonymous said...

These are adorable. I cannot wait to hold this baby!

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