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Thursday, June 10, 2010

1000 Words Photography Contest

Announcing 1000 Words Photography by Nicole Wilke's first ever contest!!!

We are giving away two FREE 1-hour trash the dress shoots! To enter, just submit an essay of 100 words or less describing your craziest, most fun, most adventurous, and silliest idea for trashing your dress. To get some ideas, check out my last post. Ride a horse? Roll in mud? Change a tire? It's up to you! Think outside the box- live a little! The more surprising the location or the activity, the more striking and memorable your photos will be. The catch is that you have to be willing to enact your idea- and get dozens of free photos while doing it! The shoot can be for you alone, you and your spouse, or you and up to 4 friends.

There are two categories that you can enter: one is for the craziest idea overall, and can involve any type of formal dress- wedding, prom, sweet 16, bridesmaid, etc- and the other category is for wedding dresses only.

You can submit your entry as a comment on this sight, a facebook message to me, or via email to Submissions must be recieved by June 30, 2010.

I am so excited about this, and am looking forward to the final results. I can't wait to hear from you!!!


abigayle said...

How would I trash my dress? Starting with the most hideous dress, I would pin and glue that dress to a canvas and torture it with my favorite medium; paint. In my latest series of art, "What it means to be a human", I have tried to capture the emotional meaning of what it means to be a human. This piece of art, made by trashing my dress, would be titled, "unconditional love." Why? Because for my best friend Becky, I would sport a dress that makes me look like a giant bottle of pepto bismol for an entire day.

Joseph George said...

I would throw it in a dumpster. If I win will you come to Germany?

Nicole @ 1000 Words Photography said...

Joe~ Unfortunately, you would have to come here. But, if you do I will guarantee you a free shoot : ) Miss you guys!

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