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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Trash the Dress- Amanda, Hetal, Kate, Kelly, & Liz (cont'd)

As promised, this post features more shots from my shoot with Amanda, Hetal, Kate, Kelly, & Liz.

We were able to take a few shots in an ambulance- bet you've never seen this before!!!

After painting Kate's dress, we headed to a local fountain, which is a location I've been wanting to shoot at for a long time now. Again, more smiling, laughing, and silliness ensued.

Waving at passersby- the girls attracted a lot of attention.




So cool.

A huge thank you to Amanda, Hetal, Kate, Kelly, and Liz, for making the shoot so much fun! I had a great time, and am so blessed to have friends as wonderful (and photogenic!) as you girls. XOXO, Nicole

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Trash the Dress- Amanda, Hetal, Kate, Kelly, & Liz

I couldn't wait to do this shoot. I knew it was going to be so much fun, and it didn't disappoint. We started by playing on a friend's trampoline, but there ended up being way more laughing than jumping : )

I love the movement in this shot.

Playing "Taboo" on the trampoline

My beautiful pal Amanda.

We spent some time on the swingset, where Hetal attacked the rope swing with a vengeance.

Not to be outdone, Kate took a turn on the rings.

Funny girls :D

Gorgeously unexpected.

Kate was gracious enough to allow us to paint her dress. After planning for weeks, we were all able to get together and whip out our brushes.

One of my very favorite photos.

But, because there are so many great photos I still want to show you, you'll have to check back in a few days for the remainder of this trash the dress shoot : D

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Trash the Dress Preview- Amanda, Hetal, Kate, Kelly, & Liz

I had so, so much fun doing first trash the dress shoot (you can see it here), that I decided I definitely wanted to do more. What made it extra-special is that we were actually able to destroy a dress this time! Here is a preview of our shoot- much, much more to come!

We spent some quality time on the swingset.

Paint was definitely involved : )

Expressions pretty much indicative of the entire shoot...

...but we had a few serious shots, too.

Interested? Don't forget about our contest. Check out the details here to see how you can win your own free trash the dress session!!!

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