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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Life: African Style

2A few shots to show you a bit of what life is like in Africa:

This rainbow graced us at sunrise, which was...early, thankyouverymuch. (SO worth it!)

Take a close look at where this tree is located- it is growing in the middle of a road!!! In fact, it grew precisely in front of our first host home. We don't have street names here, so it was really convenient to just say, "You know where that tree grows in the middle of the road?..."

Guess which one is Josh???

A little bit of peace on the edge of town.

Since theft and burglary are a real issue here, everyone has bars on the windows and high fences that surround their property. Usually, fences are topped with barbed wire so that unwanted visitors can't climb over. However, one household found that broken bottles did the trick.

These traditional-style spears were being sold in a local market. Josh drooled over them, but we decided they may be a bit tough to get through airport security...

One of my favorite shots from Africa thus far. Symbolic in so many ways...


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